Walking in the Kingdom CDs

“Walking in the Kingdom” Conference

4 CD Set $25.00 + $5.00 Shipping & Handling In this set of 4 CDs Rev. Josh Acton speaks on obtaining the supernatural lifestyle that is necessary to do God’s kingdom work while we’re here on earth. He tells us how to rise above adversity and conquer whatever is holding us back as we walk in victory so we can help set free other captives. This set also contains the witness of Suzanne Shure and how our Lord has brought healing to her through her battles of breast, liver and bone cancers and how to overcome the fears that accompany these cancers.

You can mail your order for “Walking in the Kingdom” to:
Desert Call Ministries, Walk in the Kingdom
P.O. Box 721093,
San Diego, CA 92172-1093
with your check of $30.00 per copy, made payable to: Desert Call Ministries.

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