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Sessions on the Theme:  The Holy Spirit

Session I – Word and Spirit

This first session covers: How Can We Know If It’s the Father’s Will to Heal?; The Authority of the Believer; Repentance and Forgiveness Heals the Spirit.
CD & Study Guide $30*

Session II – Word and Spirit

This second session covers:  Dominion and Discipleship; Realms of Jesus’ Dominion; Dominion and You.
CD & Study Guide $30*

Session III – The Acts of the Holy Spirit

This CD & study/guide covers:  Who is the Holy Spirit?; How the Holy Spirit Indwells Us; How Can I Be Filled with the Holy Spirit?; Do Not Grieve the Holy Spirit of God.
CD & Study Guide $30*

Session IV – The Anointing of the Holy Spirit

This CD & study/guide covers:  The Holy Spirit Anointing; The Holy Spirit Our Teacher; Increasing the Anointing.
CD & Study Guide $30*

Topic Theme:  The Mind

Healing of the Mind – Part 1

Remarkable teaching of how we battle with ongoing conflicts within our minds between flesh and spirit. Topics of Inner Vows, Inner Healing, and Filling our Mind with the Word of God are covered.
CD & Study Guide $30*

Healing of the Mind – Part 2

Continues with the teaching of how we battle with ongoing conflicts within our minds between flesh and spirit.  Topics of Spiritual Dimensions of Emotional & Physical Sickness, Fear, Deception, God’s Word, and Satan and his mind games are covered.
2 CD Set & Study Guide $30*

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