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Healing Winds Conference – Canton, NC October, 2010

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5 CD Set – Healing Winds Conference – “Peace Like A River”
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In this CD set, Rev. Josh, as the keynote speaker at the Healing Winds Conference in Canton, NC, covers the topic of finding and living a peaceful existence in God.

Session 1: Not of This World (55 min.)
One of our primary obstacles to growing into our God given calling and gifts is our own doubts about what God can do through us. This teaching helps you see life from a Christ-centered worldview and gives a vision of life where all things are possible to him who believes!

Session 2: A Daring Dominion (58 min.)
One of the most life changing realizations a person can have is that the clear dominion Jesus exercises over illness, nature, demons, sin and death – is a dominion imparted to all who believe in him. This CD offers a window into the possibilities of exercising Jesus’ own dominion in our lives.

Session 3: Persevering Peace (66 min.)
Peace, shalom, in the Bible, implies a kind of flourishing in every area of life. It is not just a static lack of conflict, but a robust and active wholeness. It’s not passively found by waiting for it. One must truly “go after it” with their whole being. In Jesus we find a rest and a peace that is powerful, dynamic and active. This CD shares foundational Bible truths on finding and persevering in peace.

Session 4: The Offense Wins the Game (64 min.)
The phases in our spiritual life are in constant motion and creation with God. Rev. Josh speaks on issues of spiritual warfare and victory that the Lord gives us and how God works with us to mold us into the person he wants us to be.

Session 5: Like a River (54 min.)
Who is steering your ship? There are Christians looking to earn affirmation and access to the Kingdom when it’s already paid for. Are you on a treadmill to be better and better? God isn’t looking for us to become performance oriented. We only need receive what He has to offer us.

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